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Cooling Water Treatment



a. Purpose of Report The purpose of this report is to provide installation managers and plant operators with a ready reference to the main cooling water treatment problem effects and causes encountered in Army installations. The lessons learned provide a general solution that can be of value to each installation in improving their performance.

b. Format and Content This report addresses major water treatment problems that have been identified at various installations and the lessons learned from the action or lack of corrective action taken. For each major problem area, the trouble effect is defined, the cause identified, and a recommended solution described. This report touches on major problems and is not an all-inclusive Manual.

 c. Background Enormous amounts of water are used daily in cooling water operations. However, water normally contains various levels of contaminants, dissolved solids (minerals) and dissolved gases. Cooling towers and sometimes closed chilled water loops are good environments for promoting microbiological growth. These contaminants and microbiological organisms cause major operational problems and damage to cooling water systems unless they are removed or controlled on a continuing basis. Correct application of chemical treatment programs can eliminate many problems associated with cooling operations. But other problems can and do impact operations. If you have time, please watch some of posted cooling tower videos online.

This report of lessons learned has segregated the problems into two major areas:

(1) MANAGEMENT CONCERNS: Addresses the administration of sound cooling water operations.
(2) OPERATOR PERFORMANCE: Addresses the hands-on execution of a cooling water program.

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