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Chiller Chemicals

Why are chiller chemicals used?
Chiller chemicals are used to control corrosion and to prevent bacteria growth. The most common chiller corrosion chemical is a closed loop nitrite, borate, silicate product. The second chemical is a cooling water biocide. The most common biocide used to control bacteria is gluteraldehyde and isothiazolin. If freezing is a concern, you may consider using a propylene glycol solution such as Dowfrost.

How do I feed my chiller chemicals?
If you can not manually dump the chemicals into a basin, chiller chemicals are either injected into the water system with a metering pump through an injector quill or it is slug feed with a chemical pot feeder.

How often should I check the chemicals in my chiller?
Depending how critical your system is, you may need to check it daily. On most very general water systems, once a week is good. Properly operating chiller systems are tight and should not loose much water. If you are losing chemical, you are losing water. So if you are always adding chemicals, you need to check for water loses.

What tests need to be perform on a chiller system?
Monitor the conductivity of the water and keep this for reference. Conductivity is and chemical usage is important when trouble shooting a system. Monitor the nitrite or based product used as a corrosion inhibitor and use dipslides to monitor bacteria development.
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