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Cooling Water System Cleaners

What type of cleaners are there for cooling towers?
There are three cleaners used for cooling water systems for new system startup, for dissolving rust, and removing deposits.

What cleaners do I use on a new cooling water system start up?
Q-ALK PC is specifically designed for cleaning of new cooling water systems prior to commissioning. The product contains a powerful mixture of surfactants, builders, and chelating agents. It removes mill scale and flash rust, dissolves oils, greases, and other organic materials It is safe on all metals Improves initial metal passivation. Each tower manufacture has different specifications on start up chemical percentages.

Immediately after PRE-Q 332 must be added to the system. PRE-Q 332 is a stabilized liquid blend of polyphosphate, orthophosphate, and an organic corrosion inhibitor designed for the pretreatment of open recirculating cooling tower systems. Although pretreatment is recommended for most systems, it is particularly critical in those systems having galvanized cooling towers to prevent the formation of white rust.

How do I remove rust from my cooling water system?
Q-KLEEN 406 is designed to effectively dissolve iron oxide deposits from multi-metal open recirculating cooling water systems, while at the same time protect the base metal from corrosion. Removes iron and copper deposits.

How do I remove scale from cooling tower systems?
Q-CID HSS is a special blend of Inhibited Hydrochloric Chemical with a highly effective inhibitor designed for the cleaning and maintenance of water systems. The product is particularly effective at removing iron and precipitated hardness deposits . Should be only used by trained professionals.
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Iron Acid Cleaner Pretreatment Chemicals Cooling System Water DeScaler Chemical
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ChemWorld QK401 - Iron Acid Cleaner Pretreatment Chemicals - For new water system start ups. Cooling System Water DeScaler Chemical - 5 Gallons
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