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Stenner Pumps

Why are stenner pumps preferred in cooling water treatment?
There are two main reasons why most chemical programs fail. The first is a lack of automation (ie no conductivity controller) and the second is the pump lost prime. This covers 95% of all cooling water treatment problems. Water treatment for cooling towers is not rocket science. If you pick the correct chemical, feed it properly, and use the correct equipment, you should have a very successful water treatment program.

Diaphragm pumps tend to loss prime during drum change outs or when a cooling water bisocide degasses. The degassing of the chemicals cause these pumps to lose prime and as a result no chemical is injected into the system.

Stenner pumps are peristaltic pumps, thus eliminating the problem of having to prime the pump or having to deal with degassing of chemicals. We recommend Stenner Pumps for all you cooling tower chemical pumping needs. Learn more about them on the product page.
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Stenner Pump
Stenner Pump - Adjustable Series
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Stenner Pump - Variable Series
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