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ChemWorld QK401 - Corroision Remover - Acid Cleaner
Iron Acid Cleaner
Corroision Remover - Acid Cleaner

ChemWorld QK401 - Acid Iron Cleaner
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Iron Acid Cleaner

How do I clean fouled water systems?
Closed chilled and hot water systems are often neglected when it comes to water treatment and corrosion in these systems is fairly common because of this neglect. Thus, when it is found that these systems have become fouled with iron oxide deposits, they must be cleaned prior to treating to remove as much of the deposits as possible to restore both flow and heat transfer. Also, new systems should be cleaned prior to placing them in service. Q-K 401 is a special ammoniated carboxylic acid designed specifically for cleaning of both new and iron fouled water systems.

What is the procedure?
Prior to cleaning, the system should be flushed to remove as much loose and/or suspended matter as possible. In an operating system, this can be accomplished by blowdown and being careful to add makeup to replace the water lost by blowdown. Then the procedure can be initiated:
  1. Where possible, heat the water in the system to 130º-180º F. Heating speeds the reaction and reduces the time and/or the concentration of the cleaning solution required to clean the system.
  2. Add ChemWorld QK401 at the rate of 3-10% (i.e. 3-10 gals./100 gals. water contained in the system).
  3. If the system water is heated to the recommended temperature, cleaning should be completed in 24-48 hours. Where heating is not possible, the solution can be safely circulated in the system for several days, even up to a week.
  4. ChemWorld QK401 forms a color complex with iron oxides so the color of the solution provides an indication of the rate of reaction. Initially, the color of the solution will go from colorless to a pale yellow-green. When it becomes an olive green color, the solution is spent and no more iron can be removed. The solution pH at this time will be >6.0, probably 6.5 or so.
  5. The system should now be drained and flushed with water until the flushing water remains clear. If the cleaning is being done while the system remains in operation, the flushing may be done by blowing down heavily while refilling at the same time.
  6. When the system has been thoroughly flushed, immediately charge it with the proper corrosion inhibitor concentration.
NOTES: It is often impossible to entirely remove iron oxide deposits from a fouled system. Most corrosion inhibitors used in closed systems will continue to remove iron deposits so the water will likely turn turbid and in severe cases, even muddish-red. For these situations, side stream filtration can be used to clear up the system.

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