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Cooling Tower Controllers

What is a Cooling Tower Controller?
A cooling tower is used to automate your chemical feed of your corrosion and scale prevention chemical and biocide. It also controls the conductivity blowdown set points to maximize water reuse and to ensure a successful water treatment program.

What are the advantages of using a Cooling Tower Controller?
Lets start with the disadvantages. Without a controller you are essential doomed for failure. Either you will be wasting water, wasting chemical, or under feeding the chemical. If you under feed the chemical you may experience excessive corrosion, scaling, or bacteria development. A controller will automate the system. Automation really is the only way to have a success cooling tower treatment program. You may try to operate the cooling tower without one, but we do not recommend one. A controller is just as important as doing residual testing and monitoring the chemical inventory.

Where Cooling Tower Controller do I need?
In most cases, you just need a bleed and feed conductivity controller (Lakewood Model 140 or LakeWood 1575e). For more complex and larger systems, you may choose a bleed and feed system that also controls ORP or pH (Lakewood Model 1520). ORP is commonly used to control the oxidizer chemical feed rate, but from our "real life" experience, ORP relationship to the oxidizer biocide level is difficult to control because ORP is very sensitive to temperature. So if your recirculating water temperature changes yearly or daily, you need to make changes to the ORP relationship ship to the oxidizer chemical you are feeding. pH is commonly used with the controller on water treatment programs that feed acid. We recommend finding a good feed rate you are comfortable with your oxidizer at and performing dipslide tests weekly and testing your free and total residuals of your oxidizer.
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LakeWood 140 - Cooling Water Treatment Controller LakeWood 1575e LakeWood 1520 Cooling Tower Controller
LakeWood 140 - Cooling Water Treatment Controller
Our Price: $1,023.00
Sale Price: $923.00
You save $100.00!
LakeWoood 1575e Cooling Tower Controller
Our Price: $1,389.00
Sale Price: $1,289.00
You save $100.00!
LakeWood 1520 Cooling Tower Controller
Our Price: $1,555.00
Sale Price: $1,455.00
You save $100.00!
LakeWood 140 - Cooling Water Treatment Controller LakeWood 1575e Cooling tower Controller.
LakeWood 1520/30e Cooling Tower Controller - Conductivity and pH or ORP
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